A KILO of pure cocaine and more than £180,000 in cash have been seized recently by police in North West Surrey Division.

The police coup was due to a small, dedicated team whose sole responsibility is to lead the focus of police action against the supply of Class A drugs, within Surrey Heath and also Woking and Runnymede.

The North West Surrey Drugs Focus Team was formed a year ago, and despite its small size - Police Constables Kevin Spencer and Paul Brocklehurst and civilian Kelly Quirke - it has been behind the majority of drugs warrants executed in the division.

As well as the recent haul of pure cocaine and cash, which was seized in Surrey Heath and for which a man is currently on remand awaiting trial - the team is involved in numerous investigations that specially target those people who live in North West Surrey Division who continue to supply illegal drugs.

PCs Spencer and Brocklehurst work as intelligence gatherers and educators in relation to all Class A drugs, supported by intelligence led systems and analysis.

Kelly Quirke's role as Specialist Financial Investigator enables the team to confiscate the money that drug dealers earn, or things such as cars and even houses that they have purchased with the proceeds of drug dealing.

The Drugs Focus Team is mainly financed by the Communities Against Drugs (CAD) Fund, money which is provided to the police by the councils of Woking, Runnymede and Surrey Heath to assist in the disruption of drugs supply and the crime that stems from drugs use.

As well as dealing with the actual drug dealers, the team has an important role to play in awareness training. PC Spencer lectures both to the police and to interested groups in the community on issues surrounding drug use. Thanks to the CAD funding the team members have undertaken specific training on the problems of drugs abuse, and all are now viewed as an important point of reference within the division on any drug related matter. PC Spencer said: "Surrey Police will not tolerate the people who deal drugs in our community."

If anybody has any information relating to the supply of illegal drugs, please contact Surrey Police on 0845 125 2222 and ask to speak to the North West Surrey Drugs Focus Team or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111. You can also ring if you would like to arrange for a talk on drug-related issues.