YOUNGSTERS let their taste buds do the talking during a morning of surprises at Crondall Primary School.

Pupils, parents and governors took part in a special programme run by the London-based Academy of Culinary Arts.

And the workshop quickly blew the pupils' preconceptions about food.

"The children were given different coloured jellies and had to guess what flavour they were," said headteacher Megan Robinson.

"They tried green jelly that was actually coffee flavoured.

"They nearly died — you could hear the gulps of disgust, so it was quite funny.

"The message they were trying to get across is that you can't say you don't like something like liver if you've never tasted it."

The children also learnt about touch, smell and taste by eating warm baguettes.

They also talked about the different taste buds on the tongue by eating jam and lemon.

"The academy is trying to raise the awareness of food and the senses," said Mrs Robinson.

"We hope to have them back again in November and do some cooking with the children."

Top chef Geoff du Feu and Elly Mercer are pictured encouraging Crondall Primary School children to think differently about food.