The creator of a Facebook group designed to increase dialogue and understanding of the issue of Nepalese immigration in Rushmoor has quit the group after discussions by some members turned increasingly "radical".

The Enough is Enough closed group was founded by Kerry Ballard around two years ago in response to issues resulting from the 2009 decision to allow ex-Gurkhas, who had served for more than four years in the British Army before 1997, the right to settle in the UK.

This led to many Nepalese families choosing to settle in Rushmoor, because of Aldershot’s army connections.

Members of Enough is Enough met with Rushmoor Borough Council officers last year to learn more about its policies as well as relevant national legislation.

The answers provided to a list of questions from members satisfied Mr Ballard, and he has now left the group due to concerns that it had turned too negative. The group is now being run by the remaining admin members.

Mr Ballard said members of some of the more "unsavoury" groups on the same topic on Facebook had been added to his group and convinced him the wrong message was being spread.

"I just think it's gone as far as it can go," he said. "Some of the people are not reading the previous posts with our good work with the council. They are asking the same questions like a broken record."