Mrs Rose Machin was looking forward to enjoying the summer blooms in her beautiful garden.

But she reckoned without a fox family which also appreciates flowers - rolling in them, that is.

The family of foxes has adopted her garden in Roberts Road, Aldershot, and regularly visit during the night for midnight frolics through the borders. They sneak in under a fence and rampage around, rolling on the flowers and digging up perennials by the roots. The evidence is there each morning and Rose's heart sinks as she surveys the damage.

Rose, aged 87, has lost many of her favourite plants including two yuccas and has been told that there is nothing much you can do to stop the creatures, which many people consider vermin.

"If I was a cruel person, I would put poison down, but I just can't do that," she said. "I love my garden and I feel sick about this." She has been told that the electronic fox-scarers advertised in some papers do not work and she is at her wit's end.

Rose rang Rushmoor Council, but found no help there. So, in desperation, she turned to the Star.

Can our readers suggest anything that might discourage Rose's unwelcome visitors? All ideas to: the Editor, Star Newspaper, 192 Victoria Road, Aldershot, GU11 1JZ.