CHIP fans are in for a tasty treat if Southampton beat Arsenal in the FA Cup Final tomorrow (Saturday).

For lifelong Saints fan Kim Shek is promising free chips for all if his team can repeat their famous 1976 FA Cup Final triumph over Manchester United.

Ancells Fish and Chips owner Kim will be at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium for Saints’ big day after managing to get hold of a ticket.

Regular customer Adrian Parkin, who is a Saints season ticket holder, is unable to make the Cup final because he had already booked a holiday to Florida, so Kim jumped at the chance.

“I am under no pressure — if we win or lose it’s going to be a great day,” said 35-year-old Kim, who has supported Southampton all his life.

“I put a £100 bet on us winning the cup before the 2-0 quarter-final victory over Wolves at 5/1, so that should cover my potato expenses if I win.

“I have not chosen what day to serve the free chips but when I do bring your mum, dad and neighbour.”

Just to be on the safe side, Kim has hedged his liability with the local bookmakers so he does not go bankrupt and has got the backing of Sandy Farm, the company which supplies his shop with potatoes.