A MURDERER who butchered a Dogmersfield woman with a machete 19 years ago but was released early from prison has been jailed for life after he tried to kill again.

Ian Haywood, jailed in 1984 for murdering 26-year-old Karena Bigg-Wither, was sentenced to life on Tuesday for attempting to kill a teenage couple.

Haywood, 37, was released from prison on licence in 1998, but tried to murder and rape a 17-year-old girl after dragging the teenager and her 19-year-old boyfriend from their car which was parked at a Sussex beauty spot.

An Old Bailey jury heard how masked lorry driver Haywood used a knife to stab the petrified girl 35 times after she refused his demands to take her clothes off.

He had already knocked her boyfriend unconscious and locked him in the car boot.

Christine Laing, prosecuting, said Haywood intended to rob the couple but something changed his mind.

He fired a gun at the 19-year-old before pistol-whipping him and attacking his girlfriend, who only survived because she "sacrificed her hands" while fighting off blows from Haywood's knife.

Haywood, of Willow Way in Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex, was arrested after his wife Anne phoned police to say he had confessed.

But in court Haywood denied attempted murder, attempted rape, false imprisonment and two counts of attempted robbery on January 18 last year.

He claimed his wife, who he met when she worked as a counsellor in prison and who was a friend of Ronnie Kray, set him up.

However after four hours of deliberation the jury convicted him on all five counts and he received a life sentence for each one.

The jury looked shocked when they were told after the verdicts, in line with legal restrictions, that Haywood had killed in 1983.

Judge Graham Boal recommended he never be released, saying: "The facts of this case, together with your record, plainly show that you are obviously dangerous and present such an obvious and serious risk to the public that I recommend that you remain in prison for the rest of your natural life, or at least until it is quite clear you no longer pose a risk."

Miss Bigg-Wither's murder stunned Dogmersfield.

She had become friends with Haywood, who lived and was brought up in Farnborough, and one night invited him to stay at her parents' home while they were away.

When she caught the 19-year-old stealing from the house he attacked her with a machete and hid her body in bushes in the back garden.

Speaking after Tuesday's verdict, Miss Bigg-Wither's sister Alexandra Johnston said: "I just hope and pray lessons are learned from this terrible case so that he can't do this again and put a third family through what he has done to two families.

"I feel so angry that this has happened and I am determined that it should never happen again."

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