A campaign group that was created to stop the Tumbledown Dick pub from being turned into a fast food restaurant has disbanded.

The Friends of the Tumbledown Dick officially terminated its efforts in fighting to save the historic Farnborough pub after 18 months of protest.

Planning permission to redevelop the Farnborough Road site into a McDonald’s was granted last October and construction work has now begun.

A spokesman for the campaign group said: “With the destruction of the Tumbledown Dick and all its history in full swing, sadly we feel now is the time to bring a close to Friends of the Tumbledown Dick.

“Therefore we look to all those that have supported and worked hard on the campaign one last time”.

The landmark Tumbledown Dick, which is believed to have been on the site since the 1600s, has previously hosted bands like Reuben, Hundred Reasons and The Jam.


The pub has been closed for several years, with more than 3,000 people joining the social media campaign to save the 'Tumbly' amid plans for the venue to be sold to the international fast food chain.

An appeal to overturn the decision to create a McDonald’s was rejected on the same day as the campaign chairman, Fran Beauchamp resigned last November.          

Claims were made that the campaign to save the Tumbledown Dick was sabotaged by someone within Rushmoor Borough Council offices, while the campaign group vowed to put its efforts into setting up a different community or music venue.

Any funds left after the campaign has ceased will be donated to local charities with similar aims, such as The Gaming Zone for young people in Rushmoor, Farnborough Foodbank, Alder-shot and Farnborough Festival Of Music And Art, and Rushmoor Healthy Living.

The Friends group added: “We hope you all agree that this is a fitting way for the funds raised to be used.

“The funds being dispersed are the monies raised through The Friends of the Tumbledown Dick gigs.

“Unfortunately, as we were unable to see off the McDonald’s acquisition, the significant revenue and capital pledges to the Friends of the Tumbledown Dick for purchasing, renovation and operating of the Tumbledown Dick as a community hub, music venue and pub are no longer available to us due to the stipulations attached.

“We would like to thank the organisations that gave us support, both financial and practical, during our campaign.

“We are only sorry that we were unable to deliver our aims for the benefit of the people of Rushmoor, despite an enormous effort by all.

“Let the lasting legacy of The Friends of the Tumbledown Dick be one of community spirit, people joining together for a common goal and a new impetus on civic pride that we hope will continue into other projects within Rushmoor”.