GIRLS at St Nicholas' School in Church Crookham have spent a week experimenting with the joys of science.

Head of science Christine Moorby said: "The aims of Science Week are to enable the girls to experience different aspects of science, to develop their interest in the subject and to highlight the importance of women pursuing careers in science.

"It was organised to promote awareness of National Science Year within the school."

Dr Peter Forey and Lorraine Cornish from the Natural History Museum spoke on palaeontology to Years 3-6 at the Redfields Lane school.

Speakers from the Young People's Trust for the Environment and Conservation gave talks on woodland habitats to Years 3 and 4.

The highlight was the Explorerdome, where the girls could explore a spaceship.

Lucy Dickens, Lotte Watts and Aisling Hubbard showed off their construction skills by building spaghetti towers.

Other activities included kite making and flying, designing cosmonaut landing capsules, and various experiments.