SURREY police are to receive more than £500,000 to help fight the county's growing drugs menace.

North West Surrey, which includes Camberley, will receive £111,088 as its share of the Government handout.

In addition Surrey Heath's crime and disorder reduction partnership is to get £91,994 to help deal with drugs and crime problems.

The additional funding was welcomed by the county's assistant police chief, Vic Towell, who revealed there was an increasing level of drug abuse across Surrey.

"In particular there has been a growth in the market for crack cocaine," he said.

According to police intelligence, there are not a large number of dealers.

"But their networks are extensive and addicts are responsible for a great deal of crime which is used to fund their habits," he said.

"Some of the habits can cost between £400 to £600 daily, and stolen property only realises a small proportion of its true value for the addict."

Mr Towell added that the implications for crime in Surrey were obvious, and of great concern.

He said the extra cash would be well used by the force whose budget is under severe pressure.