RESIDENTS are calling for the removal of a traffic "obstacle course" on their Camberley housing estate.

They have backed their call with a 109-signature petition sent to Surrey County Council's local committee.

According to the protesters, the traffic calming chicanes on the Old Dean estate are causing tempers to flare.

The problem, which involves Upper College Ride and Kingston Road, is particularly bad during the morning and evening rush hours.

Some drivers fail to obey the priority signs, and try to squeeze through the "build-outs" in the face of oncoming traffic.

There have been reports of scores of narrow misses and scrapes, leaving vehicles with dented bodywork and broken wing mirrors.

The residents' demand, however, seems likely to fall on deaf ears when it is debated.

Ian Haller, principal engineer for Surrey Heath transportation service, says in a report: "It would be undesirable to remove any traffic calming from Kingston Road and Upper College Ride."

Between September 1999 and May 2002 there were only three injury accidents in the area.

But Mr Haller predicts this figure would rise if the residents have their way.

He backs his case by pointing out that during the same period there have been 12 injury accidents outside the traffic chicane area.

Many involved pedestrians, including some children.

He says the figures are a cause for concern, and suggests moves should be made to cut the number of injury accidents.