A magician and a seven-year-old boy had the steadiest hands and won the top prizes in a "Buzz Off Challenge" at the Formative Fun Toy Shop, Farnborough.

Tom Brooks, from Busk Crescent, Farnborough, and professional magician Matt Cammiss, from Verran Road, Camberley, both won family tickets to Robins Cinema, Camberley, for being the fastest to guide a loop round a metal frame without touching it. Every time the loop touched the frame a buzzer sounded. Entrants paid 20p per try with all money going to Children in Need.

Runners up were Carl Smith (14), of Brookhouse Road, Farnborough and sisters Shannon (&) and Ciara (4) Norris, of Monks Close, Farnborough, who won £25 worth of sgift vouchers.