This is the moment a ghostly figure is caught on camera at the White Lion pub in Yateley .

The hooded figure, visible on the left hand side, appeared for a fraction of a second at the top of stairs leading to the female toilets on in the lead up to Halloween .

Pub manager Kate Staniszewska said: “There are many stories about who it is. I believe this one is a woman figure which appears quite often.

“I live in the building and so I can feel it when I pass the ghost. I’ve lived here six months and it’s happened a few times but this is the only place we have seen it.”

A hooded ghost figure can be seen (left) on footage captured by CCTV at the White Lion

The pub has quite a reputation for being haunted , with James Rogers, the pub’s now deceased first licensee, said to have a specific love for his tankard which is still kept in the bar.

When the tankard was last moved the alarm system malfunctioned in the early hours of the morning.

The recent sighting, on October 15, shares similarities with that incident, with the pub’s alarm once again going off.

Andy Froker has worked behind the bar at the White Lion for several years and was the person who recorded the video.

He said: “The alarm was going off and we were looking back on the CCTV to see if there was any reason why and we noticed a bit of a ghostly figure.

“I didn’t know how to get it off of the CCTV so just recorded it on my phone and put it online and it’s gone a bit crazy since.

“It’s not the first time it has happened. There were only three of us in the pub one time and I was serving someone at the bar and the old manager was upstairs.

“We heard a glass fall off of the shelf and smash and when we watched that back on the CCTV it looked like it had flown off the shelf rather than fallen.

“I’ve always been a bit on the fence to be honest and not sure if I do believe in ghosts but I don’t know what it was.”