GIRL power is the order of the day at Farnborough's Sixth Form College.

For the first time in the college's history, an all-girl group has been elected to run the Students' Association. There were boys on the ballot, but the girls triumphed.

The new president is Gemma Legg, 17, and she has an eight woman committee to help run student activities.

Gemma said: "I look forward to the challenges ahead, but I don't know what happened to the boys in the elections!"

As president, Gemma automatically becomes a full governor of the college. She also becomes a member of the Estates Committee which is responsible for investing millions of pounds in the improvement of college facilities.

Said college principal, Dr John Guy: "I am delighted that Gemma and her fellow officers have been appointed by the student body. They have a great responsibility to assist in the further improvements of the college and in contributing to student life."

Gemma (centre foreground), formerly from the Marist Convent School in Ascot, is pictured with her committee members clockwise from bottom left: Lauren Curtis, 17, formerly of Frogmore Community College; Becky Howarth, 17, Frogmore; Sophie Holmes, 16, Marist Convent; Emma Wolfe, 16, Frogmore; Rachael Williams, 17, Frogmore; Emily Allen, 16, Tomlinscote School; Beth Harrod, 17, Frogmore; and Corina Sampson, 16, Calthorpe, Fleet.