TAXES in any form are always a cause of disagreement, but they are unavoidable, we all understand that.

The 17.5% rise proposed by Surrey Heath is far above the rate of inflation and a staggering rise when the average salary increases amount to 3% per annum, if you are lucky.

This council gives very little in return for our tax money. I refer to the second-rate plastic rubbish bag given once a week for householders.

Go across the border to Hampshire. Hart Council gives two wheelie bins, one for household rubbish and the other for items to be recycled. Berkshire residents have bins so why not Camberley?

Isn't it time householders in the Surrey Heath area got the services they deserve and pay for?

Why not have a campaign to scrap the black plastic bags, which are not biodegradable, in favour of wheelie bins?

Maybe the councillors would endorse this move to a cleaner way of collecting household rubbish.

Peter W Grimshaw, Redcrest Gardens, Camberley.