The Greater London Authority is continuing to harrass a Farnborough pensioner for cash with a heavy handed letter threatening to take him to court or send the bailiffs in to seize his property.

Bryan Kettle, who is fighting an unjust London congestion charge fine, has now had a threatening notice putting the fine up from £80 to £120 and demanding payment within 14 days.

Mr Kettle, a retired businessman, of Glebe Road, Farnborough, said that the new notice threatens him with a court summons if he does not pay, and it also says that the bailiffs will call at his home to start removing his property unless he forks out.

"I'm not going to pay; I don't mind going to court," he said. "I'll turn up on the vehicle in question."

The vehicle in question is his 1948 vintage Norton motorcycle with the numberplate JLT 888. A car bearing the same number was caught on camera in London without having paid the congestion charge.

Mr Kettle got the first notice in March and wrote a few days later sending £10 and requesting a picture of the car with his registration number. His letter was never answered, and the new notice claims that he "ignored" the first one.

"This is unbelievable," said Mr Kettle. "It makes a mockery of our so-called democracy."

He said not only were motorcycles exempt from the charge, but he could prove that neither he nor his motorcycle were anywhere near London on the day.

"I was out taking photographs of other vintage motorbikes and I have witnesses," he said. The mystery of the duplicated number plate remains unsolved. Meanwhile, it could still be on a car driving around London racking up more penalties.