LAST week's front-page story on the closing of Graeme Pullen's Fleet furniture shop led to one customer having a longer than intended viewing session.

"After the Star came out it was fairly manic, especially on Saturday," said Graeme.

"But being a one-man show, I had my hands full keeping pace with customers and taking orders from last-minute bargain hunters.

"About 3pm I had gone without lunch, so seeing what I thought was the last customer leave, decided to nip home and grab a bite to eat. On the way I had a delivery, so I hastily locked up, jumped in the car and was off.

"The delivery was done and I popped home for a quick lunch. In all I was gone a little over half an hour. When I unlocked the shop, I got the shock of my life, as there was still a customer inside. She was a lady of advanced years, seated calmly waiting for my return.

"She was quite sympathetic about it, and left without buying anything. That's the problem with being a one-man business, constantly on the go; eventually something gets forgotten.

"Imagine what could have happened if it had been 6pm on the Saturday night. She could have been there all weekend, and with my lack of shop heating would have had hypothermia."

Graeme says he still has some bargain furniture and mirrors left, with the last sale day being Thursday, February 28.

"This Saturday I will give 30% off any remaining garden statues and bird baths," said Graeme, "I just can't face bringing them in and out of the shop any longer."

Next week after he finally closes the door, listen out for a few bangs around the Fleet Station area. Graeme intends letting off ten aerial bangers for every year of his business. We make that 340 bangs. You can contact him on 01252 615360 or by dropping into the shop opposite Fleet Station.