A wanted notice has been issued to find those guilty of tagging doors, bus shelters and people's garage doors with graffiti across Hart and Rushmoor.

During Graffiti Focus Week, which ran from March 10 to 14, 110 pieces of graffiti were cleaned up by a professional graffiti removal contractor and teams from Rushmoor Borough Council and Hart District Council.

Tags are commonly a stylized signature, normally done in one colour. It is the simplest and most prevalent type of graffiti.

The week was organised by the councils in conjunction with Safer North Hampshire, a partnership of organisations in the area that aim to pool resources to better tackle crime and antisocial behaviour.

A most wanted list has now been produced as the partnership members seek to identify the vandals behind some of the most frequently occurring tags found.


The list of tags include words and symbols on walls in Moor Road and Wren Way in Farnborough, metal storage cabinets in Pool Road and Lower Farnham Road in Aldershot and Elvetham Road in Fleet, and a swastika on a fence in Park Drive, Yateley. Other tags were removed from private property.

Richard Denham, Safer North Hampshire projects officer, said: “Graffiti can have a negative impact on areas we all live and work in, and can make people feel unsafe.

"If graffiti is left unchallenged, it can also encourage further acts of vandalism. We had an elderly lady in Yateley who was fearful for her safety after her garage door was targeted, and she was delighted that we were able to remove the graffiti for her.

"We work with partners such as Hampshire Constabulary to ensure North Hampshire remains a hostile place for all criminals and vandals."

To help prevent areas from graffiti, property owners are encouraged to plant climbing shrubs on exposed brick walls, plant hedges in front of wooden fences and install security lighting.

Any graffiti not removed this month will be prioritised during the next Graffiti Focus Week in September.

Anyone with information about those responsible for the graffiti tags should contact Hampshire Constabulary on 101.

Graffiti should be reported for removal to either the borough or district councils.