VANDALS have covered a new skateboard park in obscenities only days after its completion.

The former public tennis court in Coronation Gardens was converted into an area for skateboarders and BMX bikes after children petitioned for it in 2001.

But the decision to replace the tennis court was always contentious and many people argued it should have been built further up the road.

Tony Myers, a trustee of Ash Tennis Club, has always argued that the stateboard park was incompatible.

"We said this would happen. It's only been open about a week and it has already been vandalised," he said.

He said the skateboard park encouraged teenagers to break in and congregate there.

"The ramp units have been vandalised and it's causing problems for us as a club because people are put off playing tennis there."

He was disappointed that Ash Parish Council had not listened to their concerns.

But council chairman Nigel Manning countered: "He's always had trouble with vandalism there.

"In the past there's been a lot of things happening there with kids throwing broken bottles and liquids."

He added: "There's more vandalism when it's quiet when you can't be seen. In time, when more people are around, there will be less possibility for people to cause trouble."

"Guildford Council has had the park cleaned up so that the obscene graffiti has been removed. In fact, some of the skateboarders have been helping to clean it up themselves."

Police and community wardens are regularly patroling to deter any more vandalism.

In the meantime, Mr Manning appealed to the public to help track down the culprits.

"People will be rewarded with £500 for information leading to the prosecution of anyone damaging parish property," he said.