TALENTED flautist Hannah Grayson has been given a £500 grant to help buy a new flute.

The money came from Hart District Council, which has a policy of supporting young people showing promise in music or sport with grants of up to this sum.

Twelve-year-old Hannah, of Fleet, has been studying the instrument at the Royal Academy of Music for the last three years.

She also plays in the National Children's Orchestra and the North-East Hampshire Schools Wind Band, which will be performing at the Boosey and Hawkes National Wind Band Competition 2002.

Hannah loves her current flute, which she has owned for many years, but she has now reached the stage where it is restricting her progress.

She said she was excited to receive the award and added that it would assist her quest for a musical career.

Jonathon Willcocks, director of the junior Academy, proposed her for the grant.

He said: "Hannah has outstanding music talent, showing an understanding and maturity far beyond her years."

Hart council chairman Cllr Susan Band is pictured presenting Hannah with her cheque at the civic offices in Fleet.