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It's been 45 years since the musical Grease hit the stage and it has been performed all over the world ever since.

This week, Yateley School pupils brought the much-loved script and songs to life as their Main School production for 2016.

Now I have to confess a certain amount of familial bias - my niece, sixth form student Louise Beech took centre stage as Sandy for two of the four performances.

Yateley School is such a hotbed of theatrical talent, leading roles are shared to give more pupils their turn in the spotlight.

Louise's counterpart in the alternate performances was Phili Fahy.

With a staging that was refreshingly light on props and backdrops - with the exception, obviously, of the compulsory car Greased Lightning - it was down to the cast to make the production shine... and they did not disappoint.

Owen Derrick, who played Fagin so superbly in last year's production of Oliver! stepped up to the plate as Danny and sang his heart out. He was ably - and comically - supported by the rest of the T Birds; Matt Cooke as Kenickie, Lewis Ledlie as Doody, Will Fraser as Sonny and Jack Lord as Roger.

This year though, the awards go to the ladies. There were some great vocals and a strong performance from the leading lady Louise and Alicia Hendy was packing attitude and a powerhouse of a voice as Rizzo.

With fantastic support from Katie Madge as Marty, Tate Farman as Jan and Alice Robb as Frenchy, the Pink Ladies rocked.

The high-energy production packed in humour, some great choreography and, of course, all the tunes everyone knows and loves.

A special mention must go to the brass section of the band (and in particular Finn Bradley) that was superb.

If you want high energy, bags of entertainment and a thoroughly enjoyable evening, you could do a lot worse than going to see a production at your local school.

And Yateley's Main School production never disappoints. The final performance is tomorrow (Friday March 11).