AN Aldershot businessman has branded a junction near his shop a death trap after two cars collided there last week.

Bill Harris, owner of Gallery 2000, said Rushmoor Council installed a pedestrian build-out kerb by his shop on Grosvenor Road, Aldershot, even though he had lodged his reservations about its safety with the planning officer.

"When they came to look at the area I told them I believed they should put it in the middle of the pavement not right on the corner," said Mr Harris.

"Drivers turning left have to make such a sharp turn, they risk either hitting the bollard, or veering out into the oncoming traffic."

A red Honda Concerto, turning right into Grosvenor Road from Elm Road, collided with a white Peugeot 306, sending it careering into the bollard where pedestrians stand to cross the road. The impact flattened the bollard.

Mr Harris said: "That bollard has been hit at least a half-dozen times.

"It is such a dangerous place for a pedestrian to cross. If anyone had been standing there they could have been hit and killed.

"I've been here 13 years and before it was put in there were hardly any accidents. I'm always a bit worried that one day a car will come through the front of my shop."

A spokesman for Farnborough Traffic Police said that build-outs were put on pedestrian's natural walking routes, which are generally at junctions.

"People will cross there anyway, so we build them into the road to reduce the time they spend in the danger zone.

"It means cars turning on to the road can see past the parked cars."

Police records show that last year there were six reported cases of car damage at the junction and one injury.

So far this year the police have only this latest incident on their records.

Although no-one was hurt, both cars were damaged.

The police spokesman said: "They are down to careless driving, as opposed to there being anything wrong with the junction.

"We don't hear about all the minor bangs the residents would see day-to-day, that are never reported to us."

Grosvenor Road is one of the busiest roads in and out of Aldershot. Where it meets Elm Road, a one way street, there are three sets of traffic trying to get on to it.

It is a narrow road and the problem is made worse by the number of cars parked on the side and regular buses going up and down it, making it difficult for drivers to see when to safely turn in.

The highway maintenance service replanted the flattened bollard and cleared the pavement within two hours of the accident happening.

A spokesman for Rushmoor Council's highway services, said: "First and foremost in our minds is safety.

"The build-outs are part of a road-calming scheme for Grosvenor Road, to stop people parking on the corners of junctions, and the bollards stop people driving up the curb to park in the lay-bys."

Hampshire County Council, responsible for highway maintance, said if anyone was worried about the junction they should write to Alison Quant, director for environment at the council outlining their concerns so they could be addressed.