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A nursery in Farnborough has been celebrating The Gruffalo's 15th birthday.

The children’s story, written by Julia Donaldson, was published in 1999 and youngsters from Pear Tree Day Nursery took part in a range of activities linked to the author's work, including creating 'volcanoes' from household items.

Neil Dudman, director of Pear Tree Childcare group, said: “One of the Gruffalo’s friends is Zog the dragon and we all know that dragons live near volcanoes and breathe fire, so we thought it would be fun to teach the children how volcanoes explode using items that we can eat and drink.

“This also means we can get nice and messy which makes it a more exciting learning experience that engages the children in science.”

Volcanoes were created with fizzy drink bottles and tubes of mints, which erupted in the nursery garden.

Pear Tree Day Nursery
Children at Pear Tree Day Nursery

Mr Dudman said: “The activity focused on knowledge and understanding of the world, where the children developed simple understandings of the world and environment around them.

"Throughout the activity children talked about volcanoes and shared ideas about how they erupt and what comes out.

"It taught them [that] by adding one substance to another we can create a reaction that reflects a real volcanic eruption.”