Troops from 10 Transport Regt the Royal Logistic Corps, who are part of the British build-up of forces, braved the wintry conditions on Friday to brush-up on their skills.

The regiment relocated from Colchester to Aldershot earlier in the month to be closer to its headquarters, 101 Logistic Brigade.

Capt Charlie Brown said it had been an extremely busy month.

“We were originally told we would have two squadrons deployed in the middle of January.

“But only this week the remainder of the regiment was told it would be deployed almost in its entirety.

“Over the last couple of weeks we have been training and getting ready to go out there. The guys have been out on the ranges and also doing a bit of physical training.”

The regiment, commanded by Lt Col John Nash, transports crucial supplies, ranging from ammunition to rations and equipment, to front line units.

For craftsman Mark Russell, originally from Oxford, this will be his first deployment since joining the army two years ago.

“I am part of the REME attached to the regiment, so it is my job to fix the vehicles if they break down. We have been doing a lot of training recently and now we are ready for it.

“Although this is my first deployment, I am really looking forward to it. Nobody really knows what is going to happen yet and we don’t know how long we will be out there.

“We are just waiting for the green light.”

Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon has said about 26,000 British ground troops would be stationed in Kuwait by the middle of the month.

They include Aldershot’s 9Bn the Parachute Regt, Royal Engineers, and 7Bn the Parachute Regt, Royal Horse Artillery, which will be deployed as part of 16 Air Assault Brigade.

New arrivals 10 Transport Regt will accompany 4 General Support Medical Regt and 101 Dog Unit, Royal Army Veterinary Corps as part of 102 Logistic Brigade.