THE Duke of Wellington made his name over a hundred years ago, fighting for king and country.

The generous people of the land were so grateful they decided on a grand statue of the duke on his horse.

Sadly they got carried away, making it so large it would not fit into the "front room" — London.

So it was quietly dumped into the back garden, the village of Aldershot, and promptly forgotten.

There it lingered for 100 years amid the undergrowth, nobody giving it a thought.

Then along comes a jubilee year and the mighty council and MoD decide the best they can do is give it a wash and brush up.

Please, let's get real! It is 2002. Pick him up and place him at the much-vaunted gateway to Aldershot — the roundabout in Farnborough Road by Tesco.

RG Durrant, Calvert Close, Aldershot.