LET'S hear it for Aldershot hairdressers Margaret Owen and Pat Martin.

Altogether now - "We've been together for 40 years, and it don't seem a day too long…"

Readers of a certain age will recognise the song which could have been written for the two women.

Margaret and Pat have been workmates for 46 years, and they still enjoy each other's company.

They first met as 14-year-olds when they started a Saturday morning job at the Maison Maylee women's hairdressing salon in the town's High Street.

Little did they think then, as they swept the floors and ironed the gowns, that they would still be together almost half-a-century later.

"I shouldn't think there's many places in Aldershot, apart from family firms, where two people have worked together for so long," said Margaret, who now owns Julie's ladies' hairdressers in Victoria Road, underneath the Star offices.

The pair get on so well that they mix socially as well as work together.

"We know each other's secrets, so we daren't fall out," laughed mother-of-four Pat, who is Margaret's only employee.

Many of their customers include three generations of the same family - grandmothers, daughters and granddaughters. One of their many regulars is 90-year-old Mrs Girley Peters, whose late husband Bill was their first boss.

As they look forward to celebrating 50 years together, the pair have fond memories of their early days as hairdressing apprentices. They worked up to 60 hours a week for not very much pay, and their Wednesday treat was to nip out and buy a jam doughnut each. Margaret and Pat still laugh as much today as they did then - but they no longer eat doughnuts. "We've got to watch our weight nowadays," they chorused.