EGG throwing youngsters left their mark on scores of houses and vehicles in the Star area on Halloween night.

One of the worst hit areas was the Linkway-Basingbourne Road area of Church Crookham where a large number of properties were attacked. Mindless idiots also ruined several gardens by smashing plant pots and pulling up small trees and bushes.

Fleet police dealt with a stream of calls from angry residents last Thursday morning. "Children might think these activities are a bit of fun, but they are extremely upsetting for their victims," said a police spokeswoman. There was more egg throwing in the Yateley area where an Indian restaurant in Elvetham Way was attacked. One of the culprits is believed to have been a teenager reported to have bought 50 eggs from a local supermarket. A police spokesman said: "I would have thought the staff might have questioned why a youngster wanted so many eggs."