SUPERMARKET giant Waitrose believes it has found a magnetic answer to the long standing problem of abandoned shopping trolleys at Fleet.

From next Monday (March 4) shoppers will find it impossible to push the trolleys out of the Hart Centre where the company's store is situated.

Magnetic strips have been laid across the centre's exits which will lock the trolley wheels.

The scheme, which includes the provision of 310 specially adapted trolleys, has cost £15,000 to set up.

But Waitrose spokeswoman Jo Thomas said the company was convinced it was money well spent.

She said: "We believe this will put an end to the complaints about our trolleys being abandoned in various parts of the town.

"We realise they cause an eyesore, which is why we are happy to spend this money on protecting the environment."

The magnetic barriers mean that shoppers will only be able to push the trolleys to the shopping centre's own car park.

Help will be offered by the supermarket to those customers who have to carry their shopping to cars parked elsewhere in the town.