As the good people of Hampshire prepare to enjoy the last bank holiday weekend until Christmas, the issue of the famous British weather inevitably raises its unpredictable head.

Get Hampshire spoke to Laura Young at the Met Office to find out the definitive forecast for the next few days.

Saturday: "We will have a relatively clear start," said Miss Young. "Slightly cloudy but with some bright sunshine, maximum temperatures reaching 17C to 18C.

"It will generally be a really good day with the sun burning off most of the cloud. By the evening it will be very clear but could get quite chilly, temperatures ranging from 4C to 7C."

The recent cooler temperatures have been caused by wind patterns bringing down an area of low pressure from northern Scotland and Scandinavia. Best to wrap up warm if you are out in the open Saturday night.

Sunday: "There will be a good dry start with a bit of cloud around," said Miss Young. "Again temperatures will be up to around 17C and it will be dry for most of the day."

There will be bright spells in amongst the clouds, although the weather will deteriorate as the day progresses.

"By 9pm to 10pm the showers will start to arrive and they will stay most of the night," said Miss Young. "And there will be some heavy showers, particularly towards the coast." Temperatures will be a bit warmer as a result, around 13C to 14C.

Monday: "It will be generally wet in most places, although there will be some dry spells between the showers," said Miss Young. Temperatures will reach about 16 to 17C.

According to Miss Young, overall the "majority of the weekend is dry and bright" until Monday when the wetter weather appears, but there is some promising news.

"Going into next week the temperatures will start to rise, creeping back to the early 20Cs," said Miss Young.

In summary, Saturday and Sunday will be generally pleasant, although wrap up warm on Saturday night. The rain will appear on Sunday evening and remain for most of Monday, with some dry spells in between. All in all, it could certainly be a lot worse.

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