TWO dogs found abandoned at Fleet Services on the M3 are now fit and healthy and settling into their new homes thanks to kind-hearted News readers.

Hart dog warden Lynn Byfield rescued Tear and Twiggy at the beginning of the year.

Since then she has been looking for loving homes for them and has now struck lucky.

Tear, a saluki whippet, has gone to a couple who have a greyhound, a lurcher and two cats.

When she was found Tear had a broken nose which the vet said was the worst he had seen.

She has been called Tear because her foster carers wanted to cry when they saw her for the first time.

Tear had been suffering from her broken nose for up to three days and it was badly infected.

"It was snapped across the top of the nose," said Lynn. "I think a car passing at speed must have hit her.

"Luckily Ark Vets operated on her at a friendly price.

"They had to put pins through her nose and put a clamp around it to hold it in place to get the two bones to heal.

"The vets had never performed this operation before.

"Tear's nose has now healed and she has gone to a loving home.

"Her new owners think the world of her and she's settled in very well."

Twiggy, a saluki cross greyhound, was petrified of humans and almost impossible to catch.

"Twiggy was so scared that she jumped a six-foot wall when we approached her," said Lynn.

"When I put my hand towards her she almost wanted to die. It was very sad.

"We eventually caught her because she was very weak.

"Twiggy is now living with a springer spaniel and four cats.

"She is still a very fussy eater and her favourite foods are smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and roast chicken."

The two dogs were first taken in by the Celia Cross Greyhound Trust near Guildford.

Scores of generous readers sent Lynn money to help with the dogs' vet bills.

Lynn received a total of £777.50, of which £453.62 was spent on vet bills.

The balance of £323.88 will go to the Celia Cross Greyhound Trust.

"I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who sent money," said Lynn.

"Without the donations we would have had to make some very hard decisions.

"Stories like this make my job worthwhile."

A fundraising day will be held in aid of the trust on September 8 at Cranleigh Showground from 11.30am to 5pm.

Call 01483 222832 for more information.