A group of eight Hart Conservative councillors have fired off a letter to county council leader Ken Thornber calling for him to take action.

"The need to remove the disastrous chicanes put into Elvetham Road by the county council has become urgent," they stress.

"We believe the county council must take action now, before someone is killed or seriously injured rather than afterwards.

"It has been evident to us and to everyone that we have canvassed in our wards that your traffic calming scheme has been the cause of numerous accidents already, traffic gridlock morning and evening, and of road rage incidents.

"As Conservative candidates in the course of the Hart District elections we have called on every home affected by this and we have found almost no support whatsoever for the system.

"The people on Elvetham Road itself are particularly worried because of the additional dangers they face pulling out of their drives. They have a right not to live with that anxiety.

"While we accept that there was always a certain amount of speeding in Elvetham Road, it was not noted for accidents.

"There have been many more than there ever were since the chicanes were put in.

"We are thankful at present that they have not involved serious accidents but it is obvious that sooner or later a head-on crash will happen since the scheme puts cars travelling in different directions on the same side of the road in a very confusing way.

"Everyone we have spoken to about this cannot understand why speed cameras were not used as the obvious and simple solution to the speeding problem."

The councillors also point out that residents are having to leave for work up to 15 minutes earlier to allow for the delays the scheme causes. They are also suffering from bumps and scrapes on their cars caused by the chicanes.

The councillors say the scheme is having an adverse effect on other roads in the area, with more traffic using Fleet Road to avoid Elvetham Road.

Our picture shows Richard Hunt, left, and Sean Holden discussing the chicane behind them in Elvetham Road.