THE big surprise when Hart Council election nominations closed on Thursday was that there were no surprises! After last year's bombshell independent gains in Fleet more candidates had been expected. Instead Hart's two major parties found themselves with only a handful of Labour and Green candidates for company.

Eleven seats will be contested on May 1. At Eversley respected and independently minded Conservative Hugo Eastwood was returned unopposed. The Conservatives and Lib Dems each have five retiring councillors standing while Wallace Vincent replaces Peter Carr for the Conservatives in Courtmoor.

Nominations: Fleet North: *Anthony Barrell (Con), Richard Robinson (LD); Courtmoor: (Con held) Jeff Smith (LD), Wallace Vincent (Con); Yateley West: *Myra Billings (LD), Margaret Adhemar (Green), Edward Bromhead (Con), Mary Jenkins (Lab); Yateley East: *Graham Cockarill (LD), Thomas Schwartz (Con), Sophie Shepherd (Lab); Yateley North: *David Simpson (LD), James Lawrence (Con), Keith Spendlove (Lab).

Church Crookham West: *Lorraine Fullbrook (Con), Nicola Dommett (LD), Nigel Moakes (Green); Hartley Wintney: *Mark Fullbrook (Con), Helen Whitcroft (LD); Hook: *Andrew Henderson (Con), David Evans (LD), Lars Mosesson (Green); Odiham *Roger Jones (Con), Anthony Over (LD); Blackwater & Hawley *David Neighbour (LD), Vivienne Gascoigne (Con); Frogmore & Darby Green *Viv Street (LD), John Davies (Lab), Colin Mortimer (Con).