Military chiefs could pull the plug on joint plans for the Aldershot Centre for Health scheme if a decision on the location and developer is not made by April 29.

Army planners are holding out for the centre to be built on Hospital Hill, where medics would be able to share the facilities with the Blackwater Valley and Hart Primary Care Trust (PCT).

This would give both military and civilian families access to state-of-the-art medical care.

But if developer Wilky does not come up with a reasonable offer for the PCT, Hospital Hill will no longer be an option and the military will pull out of the scheme and look at incorpor-ating extra health facilities as part of Project Connaught.

Project Connaught involves an extensive facelift of the entire garrison to bring its buildings and facilities up to 21st century standards, of which healthcare will be an essential part.

The PCT set a deadline of yesterday (Monday) for Wilky to submit its final offer to the board, stating that it must offer good value for money both on rent and the overall financial package.

Rushmoor Council is due to discuss the outcome of that meeting today with the PCT, which will update it on Wilky’s offer.

Last week Rushmoor chief executive Andrew Lloyd was pleased to see progress was being made on the financial issues.

Addressing the policy and review panel, he said: “All the parties involved agree that this can’t be allowed to drift.

“The PCT are very serious about providing a centre for health for Aldershot — their commitment is absolute.

“Meetings have been continuing between the PCT and Wilky and they have kept me very well informed.

“In terms of the offer we have to look at its overall viability, such as what the cost will be over a 30-year lifespan.”

The council’s preferred option would be for the centre to be built on Hospital Hill, but a second plan has been clearly laid out in case it all falls through.

Mr Lloyd added: “It is important to the people of Aldershot to have a fallback in place and we have decided that this will be Wellington Avenue.”

Together with its development partners Alfred McAlpine and London & Lisbon, the council has made available a site on the Wellington Avenue develop-ment and progress has already been made regarding designs and terms.

But Mr Lloyd said military chiefs need to know by April 29 whether they will be involved with the project.

He said: “The army need clarity to see if the Centre for Health will include the military or not.

“If not military health provision will become part of Project Connaught.”

A special meeting of the PCT board on April 29 is due to make the final decision on the location and developer.

It is hoped that this will draw a line under years of deliberation and setbacks.