A COVE family is demanding compensation after suffering 16 hours of freezing Euro hell last week.

They want to be fully reimbursed after being left stranded on Eurostar at Disneyland Paris throughout the night with just cold rice salad and a bottle of water to keep them going.

Alf and Rose Bray and their two children, Victoria, 4, and Jessica, 8, were among scores of passengers who claim they were "treated like cattle".

"We were abandoned inside a locked station. All the staff just disappeared," said Mrs Bray at the family home in Weir Avenue.

"Goodness knows what would have happened if there had been an emergency. They broke just about every health and safety regulation in the book."

Mr and Mrs Bray, who splashed out a total of £650 for the stay in Disneyland, plus the rail fare, have submitted a compensation claim.

Their four-day trip to Disneyland turned into a nightmare after they boarded Eurostar for the evening trip home.

As they settled into their seats they learned that the service had been cancelled because fierce storms had led to power lines short circuiting near Calais.

They were left sitting on the unheated train for 16 hours. Breakfast consisted of a croissant and a cup of coffee


The family and the rest of the passengers were later bussed to a hotel where they were finally told that special flights had been arranged to take them home.

But the Brays' problems didn't end there. They were told that the first flight would go to Gatwick and the following one to Heathrow.

They decided to wait for the Heathrow flight, only to learn on departure that the plane was Gatwick-bound as well.

"When we reached Gatwick we kicked up such a stink that they paid for a taxi to take us home," said Mrs Bray.

The exhausted family arrived home at just before midnight on Tuesday last week - 28 hours after boarding Eurostar.

A Eurostar spokesman said on Monday that those caught up in the delay should submit a compensation claim to the company's customer relations department.

He said claimants would be offered a free return trip on Eurostar plus a fare refund. "Other items will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis," he said.

The spokesman said he would investigate the claim that the station was locked up at about 1.30am.

"We sent the train crew away to rest up for the next day's journey," he said. "But I was unaware the station was locked."

Picture: Home after their Eurostar ordeal - the Bray family.