I AM trying to locate a family member whose last address I have is in Farnborough. I have never met this lady but I have some items from her family that she may want to have.

My mother left Folkestone some 80 years ago as a First World War "war bride" to come to Canada.

Her sister (the mother of the lady I am seeking) came at the same time.

She returned to England and my Mum stayed here in Canada. About 15 years later both of them had baby girls, Anne, born over there, and myself still in Canada and with no relatives other than my direct family.

As children we did correspond but as we became older, and both of us had our own families, we lost touch. The last known address I have for her is: Ann Hucker, Farnborough.

Her maiden name was Bacon, her mother was Beatrice Bacon nee Pellatt, from Dover Street in Folkestone.

My Mum was Ivy Johnston, nee Pellatt, and their parents were Jessie and Joseph. He was a bootmaker during the time that I have any history of them, and his shop was on Dover Street in Folkestone.

If any of your readers could help me trace Anne and get in touch with her I would very grateful.

— Patricia Brown. #1 179 Hamilton Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2Y 2LI. Phone: 1-514-831-8278, Canada.