A CAMPAIGN to save as many as possible of the remaining buildings on the old Farnborough RAE site was launched this week by Save Britain's Heritage.

The London-based organisation published a book called "Enough has been Bulldozed -save Farnborough, the cradle of British Aviation" which calls on Rushmoor Council and developers Slough Estates to preserve most of the so far untouched core area.

The site is currently being developed as a business park.

"It is astonishing that the core historic area has not been designated a conservation area," declared SAVE's President, Marcus Binney.

SAVE says a considerable number of historic buildings have already been demolished outside the core area, including the 1905 factory for the production of airship gondolas. It also complains that nearly every building recommended for listing was downgraded following representations from the MOD.

"It is essential, therefore, that what remains is preserved and re-used -indeed many of the buildings are ripe for re-use and Slough Estates must be made to realise this," says Secretary Adam Wilkinson. "If only the buildings that are presently listed survive, they will be stranded, completely out of context, in the new business park."

Air Commodore Nick Hamilton, manager of corporate affairs for Slough Estates, said the developers had not yet seen the report so he could not give detailed comments.

He said Slough was trying to navigate its way through the agendas of many different organisations. It was looking for alternative uses for the Listed Buildings but this was not easy.

Air Commodore Hamilton said it was not realistic to expect modern businesses to move to old RAE buildings in a poor state of repair and which had not always been very well built in the first place. Slough was trying to come up with the best proposals for the development at Farnborough so as to create a centre of excellence while taking the best heritage advice.

The report is available from SAVE at 70 Cowcross St, London EC 1M 6EJ (tel. 020 7253 3500) -price £5 including postage and packing.