OH what fun the Mummers had as they cavorted through Crookham Village on Boxing Day.

Two brothers were among the players who entertained many shoppers on their medieval progress through the village.

Dressed in colourful and strange looking costumes, they staged a play which dates back to the 17th century.

Taking centre stage was King George who fought such enemies as Bold Roamer, Turkish Knight and Bold Slasher.

During a lull in the sword fights, characters called Johnny Jack, the Doctor and Father Christmas kept the crowds amused.

The Crookham Mummers' play gave spectators an insight into how people entertained themselves 300 years ago.

A collection for the Fleet, Crondall and Crookham Welfare Trust was taken during performances outside the George and Lobster, the Black Horse, the Queen's Head and on the Crescent Green. The final total raised was just over £400.

Stan Knight, aged 80, who has been associated with the Mummers since 1963, said: "We had a record crowd and the collection raised a record amount."