A FORMER tenant is threatening legal action against Pavilion Housing Association in an amazing row over payment for renovation work.

Civil Servant Dave Barnicot is desperate to pay for the work which was completed early in 1999.

But despite countless telephone calls and letters from his solicitor during the past year, the association still hasn't bothered to send him the bill.

He said last Friday: "Pavilion seem absolutely useless. They keep saying the bill is on the way, but it still hasn't arrived."

Dozens of other owner-occupiers living in blocks of ex-council maisonettes on the estate in Cody Road, Cove, are in the same boat.

They entered into an agreement to contribute towards the cost of repainting the outside of their properties and installing new guttering and other items.

Like Mr Barnicot, they have been waiting over three years for Pavilion, which owns the buildings, to send them an invoice.

Mr Barnicot is particularly incensed, however, because he sold his maisonette last October and had to lodge £5,000 with his solicitor to meet the bill.

Initially he was told his contribution towards the cost of the work would be £1087 including VAT. But recently he heard that it might be twice as much, excluding VAT.

"I don't know where I am," said Mr Barnicot, of Cripley Road, Cove. "I'm annoyed because I could have used the money to help pay my other bills."

He is meeting his solicitor this week to discuss taking legal action against Pavilion for their failure to bill him.

"I also intend charging them for what this problem has cost me, including telephone calls and letters from my solicitors," he added.

He is receiving backing from Mrs Fiona Culshaw and her husband Paul who have sold their three-bedroom maisonette on the estate.

They are due to move and want the matter settled. "Pavilion apparently don't want our money," she said. "They keep fobbing us off each time we ring."

This week Pavilion spokesman Mike Swaddling would only say: "We are in the final stages of collating all the relevant information, and the invoices are due to be sent out in the next few weeks."