Police are hunting two robbers - one with a Beckham-style Mohican haircut - who robbed a Stagecoach bus driver at gunpoint in Camberley last Saturday evening.

The audacious pair then bound the driver to the luggage rack with tape and drove the bus back from Camberley to Aldershot, where they ran off.

Now police want to interview other passengers who got off the Aldershot to Camberley bus before the robbers struck.

The 25 seater Stagecoach South minibus started its journey from Farnborough Road, Aldershot, at about 9:10pm on Saturday, June 29, with four people on board.

At a stop in Farnborough four more people joined the bus and at the Tradesman's Arms pub it is thought the two robbers got on board.

At Camberley all but the two men alighted.

When the bus reached the end of its route at the Collingwood School roundabout at Old Dean, Camberley, at around 9:30pm, one of the two men threatened the driver with a pistol while the other tied him with parcel tape to the luggage rack.

The first man then drove the bus back to Farnborough Road, Aldershot.The two stole the day's takings of around £70 and took about £30 from the driver's wallet before running off on foot.

The driver, a 46-year-old Aldershot man, managed to free himself and call for help.

Both robbers were white men, one with a Mohican hairstyle which was dyed maroon apart from above his ears, where it was dark brown. This man was about 5ft 6in tall, aged about 19 with two days' stubble on his face. He was wearing a dark blue sweater, jeans and trainers.

The other man was about 30 to 35 years old, 5ft 8in tall, stocky and had blonde cropped hair close to his ears. He also had stubble and was wearing a light brown polo shirt and quilted jacket and dark blue jeans.

DC Christine Ronan is investigating this robbery and wants the other bus passengers to get in touch, as well as anyone else with information. Ring her at Camberley CID on 01276 27131 or call Crimestoppers anonymously and free of charge on 0800 555 111.