TWO young mothers mown down by a hit-and-run driver in Farnborough have been reliving their ordeal.

Speaking from their hospital beds, Katie Day and Zoe Baxter say they will not be able to come to terms with what happened until the driver is caught.

The two friends were knocked down shortly before 8pm on Sunday as they crossed Fernhill Road on their way home from the shops.

The pair, who both live in Perring Avenue, were knocked flying as they stepped from a kerb close to the junction with Chapel Lane.

Zoe, 27, fractured her right leg and left ankle as she was thrown into the air, and has undergone two operations at Frimley Park Hospital.

Katie, 22, had a broken nose and a deep gash on her right leg. She also needed an operation.

Witnesses say Zoe and Katie were hit by a red Peugeot, but the women admit they didn't even see the car coming.

Katie was knocked uncons-cious by the impact.

"We can remember waiting at the kerb and some sort of white car going past us," said Katie.

"The road was so quiet at that time of night and we waited before going across.

"We cross that road twice a day. There's our post office there, our local shop and the park behind is where we take our children.

"We are so lucky our children weren't with us."

Zoe said: "The first thing I remember is being upside down. I just grabbed hold of my head to protect it and hoped for the best. I didn't realise what was going on.

"I bounced on the floor and seemed to land back on my feet. I stood up, but I could hardly move.

"A woman helped me to sit down and she let me use her phone so I could call the hospital. My main concern was Katie," she added.

Both women are furious that the driver didn't stop and say they will be leaning on each other to come to terms with what happened.

"It's going to take us a long time, but at least we can do it together," said Katie.

"But I don't think we will get any proper rest until this person is caught. He could be laughing about it, even though he nearly destroyed our lives."

"We are just so thankful the kids weren't with us. It could have been so much worse."

Police believe they have already found the car.

The red Peugeot 405 was found in Pennine Way, Farnborough, at around 10.30am on Tuesday.

However, attempts to find the driver have so far drawn a blank.

Sgt Steve Wakeford, of Farnborough police, said: "We have been inundated with calls from members of the public who have their own suggestions, which is really good, and each of those suggestions will be followed up.

"But the car isn't registered to any particular person and that is one of the problems we are facing."

However, forensic teams are searching the car for evidence to link the vehicle to names suggested.

They are expected to report their findings imminently.