TWELVE houses in Aldershot that produce annual rents of well over £200,000 a year come under the hammer in London on Wednesday.

The homes, most of them divided into bedsits, are being auctioned by Edwin Evans of Lavender Hill on instructions from the Trustee in Bankruptcy. It is understood that the original owner is out of the country.

There are two houses in St Michael's Road, two in The Warren and singles in Albert Road, Arthur Street, Cargate Hill, Grosvenor Road, Cargate Avenue, York Road and Kingsway as well as the shop occupied by Grosvenor Secondhand Furniture in Union Street, plus a flat above.

Aldershot independent estate agent Paul Bourke, who knows the properties, says there has already been a lot of interest from local landlords and from people who want to buy them all.

"Prices will be quite high because of the booming market in Aldershot," he says. "It does of course depend on just what agreements the tenants have."

Contact Edwin Evans on 020 7228 5864 if you want to know more.