EIGHT years ago Hart Councillor Sean Holden was staring death in the face.

He was diagnosed with leukaemia, which kills 40 to 70 per cent of its victims.

But he survived thanks partly to a bone marrow donation from his sister, Sarah, and a "ferocious" regime of chemotherapy treatment.

Throughout the dark days he also always remembered the advice of his consultant, Dr John Van de Pette, at Frimley Park Hospital.

Sean, aged 48, said: "He told me from the outset that holding a positive attitude made a difference between life and death."

Thankful to be once again leading an active life, Sean is now featured in a video which aims to bring a ray of hope to those newly diagnosed with the deadly blood cancer.

He hopes his survival story will help others to cope with the battle that lies ahead of them.

"Up to now the advice about dealing with the disease has come from medical professionals," said Sean. "But the people who really know what it is about are those who have been through it."

As an experienced television journalist, who has worked for Meridian and Sky News among others, he was happy to take part in the video.

Called "Talking About Leukaemia", it was made by television producer Sophie Chalk who he first met when working for TVam. The inspiration for the video came from a friend who, sadly, died from leukaemia before it was made. He regards the fact that he and his wife, Corinna, have three children, with a fourth due next month, as nothing short of a miracle.

He was warned that his chemotherapy treatment would almost certainly prevent them from starting a family.

Sean and his wife then decided to turn to IVF treatment, which led to the birth of Jude, aged four. But since then, against all predictions, the couple have since had two other children, two-year-old Jake, and Freya, aged one, by natural means. And Corinna is expecting their fourth child next month.