THEY are calling young Robert Worth the "India rubber boy" after he survived a dramatic road accident at Fleet without a scratch.

The indestructible 12-year-old was cycling across the road, between a parked line of traffic, when he was struck by a car travelling on the outside lane.

Horrified onlookers saw him fly over the car's bonnet and crash head first through the windscreen, before bouncing on to the road near the Oatsheaf cross-roads.

The shocked driver feared the worst, and was amazed to see Robert pick himself up and walk calmly on to the pavement.

He called his mother, Debbie Worth, on his mobile phone and told her what had happened.

She arrived on the scene within a couple of minutes expecting to find him dazed and covered in blood.

Instead he told her he was feeling fine and intended walking into the town centre to meet up with his mates.

She insisted he went to Frimley Park Hospital for a check-up where a doctor was equally surprised to find nothing wrong with him.

"It's unbelievable that he escaped without so much as a scratch," said Debbie, a Star advertising representative of Green Leys, Church Crookham.

"You could see exactly where his head had gone through the windscreen. I can only think that a thick woolly hat he was wearing acted as a cushion."

Although Robert escaped unharmed, his bicycle was left with a buckled front wheel.

His mother emphasised that the car driver, who had his young son and wife in the vehicle, was in no way to blame for the accident.

"He was coming up on the outside lane to turn right," said Debbie. "Unfortunately Robert was looking up at the traffic lights, to see if they were still at red, and didn't see him coming."

She added: "I've always told him to double check the road before crossing. After this lucky escape, I'm sure he'll remember to do so in future."