A prominent tree in Aldershot has been felled after strong winds this month caused it to sway, exposing its roots.

The huge black poplar tree in Manor Park was said to be listed by the Tree Register of notable trees but was felled last Thursday morning after a 'sad' decision was taken that it was a danger to the public.

Rushmoor Borough Council's parks manager Andy Ford said he had pinpointed February 14 as the day the tree gave up its fight against the winds.

He investigated the tree's condition after a call by a member of the public before calling in a contractor to fell the tree using a chainsaw.

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"It wasn't easy," said Mr Ford. "We had to have a specialist in there and found the best and safest way of felling it was all in one go."

He added: "It went down with a massive bang, let me tell you. I hate felling trees at the best of times so it was very sad."