THE saga knows no bounds. At the last meeting of the Hart Cabinet (Coun. Holden was not present but four of the hyena pack, Couns. Parker, Wheale, Leversha and Hunt, together with Moss, were there to pursue their agenda) when I reported upon the matter of toilet closures, I omitted to mention the issue of council representation on outside bodies that was also on the agenda.

Given that a number of these outside bodies meet during the day, it is understandable that working councillors are unable to offer their services.

In the spirit of trying to be of help, I once again offered my services for all those bodies where vacancies occurred and where, because of my experience, I felt I might be able to do Hart justice.

As it turned out I was the only volunteer for the bulk of the bodies/committees for which I put my name forward. No surprise here: similarly last year the leader of the cabinet put out a message that called for Conservative nominees, lest I should get the positions by default.

At the meeting itself they proceeded to go through all the outside bodies and in each case where I was already a member of a body or had volunteered my services, they came up with an alternative name.

"After due consideration of all nominees, members considered best suited to each outside body were appointed." For example Coun. Deborah Moss was surprisingly offered positions that naturally fall in my (town centre) ward - The Basingstoke Canal Joint Management Committee, Fleet Town Centre Management Committee and The Point Youth Club Management Committee.

I was also pushed out of The Blackwater Valley Advisory Committee for Public Transport and Hart Road Safety Council to make room for Coun. Benford. Remember his motorcross plans for his land in Odiham?

In fact he quite recently withdrew a Hart contribution towards the building of a Blackwater Valley Visitors' Centre. Finally, to appease Mr Stocks, I was removed from the Highways Management Advisory Panel to make room for another more amenable Conservative nominee.

The real tragedy is that the Hart Cabinet under Coun. Lorraine Fullbrook would prefer to have nominees who might fail to turn up to the meetings of these outside bodies than someone who attends out of a genuine interest.

I must conclude that following upon the email from Coun. Benford I remain the whipping boy for those, like Coun. Parker, who see themselves "in control".

I simply would like the people of Fleet to be aware of the schoolyard tactics employed by the current ruling group on their council.

If this crass behaviour is not in accordance with their views on how their representatives should operate, then next year's Hart elections cannot come soon enough for all of us

Coun. Denis Gotel, Connaught Road, Fleet.