CONTROVERSIAL independent campaigner Peter Sandy popped up as a Liberal Democrat nominee for North Town, Aldershot, when nominations closed for the May Day Rushmoor elections.

Meanwhile three other Independents will be bidding for seats. Airfield campaigner Keith Parkins reappears in Knellwood where he lost by 145 votes last year while Gary Cowd, billed as "English Democrats' Party" stands in Liberal Democrat held West Heath. In most seats the third placed candidates in last year's "all out" elections are seeking re-election but one notable absentee is Labour's Andy Straker in North Town. There are also three Green candidates.

Among former councillors trying to get back are George Paparesti (LD) in Manor Park, Aldershot, and Labour's Stella Olivier in Grange, Farnborough.

NOMINATIONS: FARNBOROUGH: Fernhill: *Kenneth Muschamp (Con), Martin Coule (Lab), Richard Shaw (LD); Grange: *Jon Weston (Con), Hazel Manning (LD), Stella Olivier (Lab), Arthur Pendragon (Ind); St John's: *Graham Tucker (Con), Martine Howell (LD); Mayfield: *Neville Dewey (LD), Roderick Baulk (Con), Clive Grattan (Lab).

West Heath: *Shaun Murphy (LD), Philip Collins (Lab), Gary Cowd (English Democrats), Stephen Masterson (Con); Empress: *John Wall (Con), Stephen Chowns (LD), Christopher Wright (Lab); Cove & Southwood: *Brian Jupp (LD), James Page (Green), Edward Shelton (Lab), David Thomas (Con); Knellwood: *Roland Dibble (Con), Martin Kaye (LD), Keith Parkins (Ind), William Tootill (Lab); St Mark's: *Diane Bedford (Con), Barry Jones (Lab), Alastair Mackie (LD).

ALDERSHOT: Wellington: *Francis Williams (Con), Nickolas Burfield (LD), Samantha Stacey (Green), Robert Sullivan (Lab); Rowhill: *Charles Choudhary (Con), Jill Clark (Lab), Julia Fowler (Green), Philip Thompson (LD); Manor Park: (Con held) Peter Crerar (Con), George Paparesti (LD), June Smith (Lab); North Town: (Lab held) Caroline Culver (Lab), Peter Sandy (LD), Adam Stacey (Green), Neil Watkin (Con). Heron Wood: *Donald Cappleman (Lab), Ian Colpus (LD), Andrew Hankins (Con).