DRIVERS on a controversial stretch of the Farnborough Road have fewer excuses for breaking the 30mph limit thanks to four huge yellow signs.

The signs, near the technical college and Pinehurst roundabout, state the speed limit and recent casualty figures on the road.

The warning signs go some way to answering the calls of critics that the 30mph restriction is too low and not clearly signed. Hampshire County Council put up the signs at the request of police and the Safety Camera Partnership.

A spokesman for the council said that the signs served two purposes.

“They remind people that it’s a 30mph route and that it’s a casualty route, i.e. there have been injury accidents.

“People often assume that a stretch of dual carriageway has a higher speed limit, but this is still a 30mph area.

“We’re not permitted to put in 30mph speed limit repeater signs, because it’s a mobile camera route, not a fixed camera route.

“We had to look at other options for reminding drivers of the speed limit, and this is what has been agreed.”

Cllr Patrick Kirby, who represents Farnborough’s Knellwood ward, is one of hundreds of drivers who have been prosecuted for speeding on the road.

He welcomed the new signs, but said the police were still concentrating too much of their efforts on the A325.

“The signs improve what was there before. I still think there should be more warning signs that police use speed cameras along that road.

Cllr Kirby argued that the purpose of speed cameras was to act as a deterrent, and not to catch people out.

He added: “The police have decided they should hit that road. They should be telling people that is the situation.”