Producers of the hit US television drama series 24 filmed scenes which included staged explosions at Aldershot Garrison this week.

Army barracks were taken over on Tuesday (May 6) and Wednesday (May 7) as part of the filming.


The production crew advised residents to keep nervous pets indoors because of staged explosions including a "large explosion on Wednesday evening which would make quite a loud noise".

The scenes will feature in the new Live Another Day Season 9 which premiered in the UK on Wednesday.

In a letter to residents and businesses Casper Mill, location manager, said: "Twentieth Century Fox Television UK Productions Limited are currently filming a new series of their drama 24. This series is currently filming in and around London until June 2014. For part of the shoot we will be filming at Para Tech/Browning Barracks Aldershot.

"The sequence we are filming in Aldershot involves three separate explosions on each of the days, with one very large explosion on Wednesday between the hours of 9pm and 10pm.

"The last explosion is likely to make quite a lot of noise. Should you have a pet of nervous deposition, it might be advisable to keep them indoors or they could get spooked."                 

Mr Mill added that the production company had consulted with all relevant authorities.

"We are a professional and conscientious crew who will make every effort to keep any disturbance down to a bare minimum. I would hope that the position of our work really should not affect you too much. We are very grateful for your help and understanding with this work."

The series was also being filmed in March at the Birds Eye HQ headquarters in Walton.


Set in London, the first time it has ever been based outside the US, Live Another Day sees Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) return after a four-year absence to prevent a potential assassination attempt on the president.

This season has 12 episodes but sticks to the real-time scenario.

The all-star cast also includes Stephen Fry as the Prime Minister, William Devane as the US President, Micheal Wincott as the hacker Adrian Cross, Game of Thrones star Michelle Fairley as Margot and Dexter actress Yvonne Strahovski as Kate Morgan.