AN Aldershot grandmother hopes her recently published book of poems will help children cope with their troubled lives.

Janet Dougherty's book, "I Dreamt I was a Bird", deals with a whole range of issues including drunk and violent parents and bullying.

She's keen to point out that the 59 poems are not based on her personal experiences, but on what often dominates the news these days.

The poem titles, which include "Up the Pub" and "Daddy's Got a Guest", give a flavour of the book's topics.

Janet, mother of two grown up children, said: "I hope the book will help youngsters deal with what-ever is troubling them."

Parents might also be jolted into examining their own lifestyles if they read the poems.

The book - published by Cromwell Publishers priced £5 - has already attracted the attention of teachers at Aldershot's Connaught School.

Janet, of Lower Farnham Road, has been invited to discuss her work with the pupils when the new term starts next week.

She signed copies at W.H. Smith's in the Wellington Centre recently.