A STOLEN whippet has been reunited with his Farnborough owners after a cloak-and-dagger style operation.

Police retrieved the dog, called Jet, from a house in Farnham after a tip-off by a mystery informant.

There were tears of joy when officers handed Jet over to his owners - Susan and Neil Woodward and mother-in-law Sally Holt.

Mrs Woodward, pictured with Jet, said: "We were at our wits end not knowing where he was. During the two weeks he was missing we didn't have a decent night's sleep."

The drama started when the two-year-old whippet slipped out of the family's garden and wandered into Highgate Lane.

He was picked up by a motorist who told an onlooker that he would take the dog to Aldershot police station.

But the driver vanished with Jet, leaving his owners frantic with worry.

They distributed 100 posters, and placed advertisements in the Star and other newspapers, offering a reward for information about the dog's whereabouts.

The family also searched as far away as Epsom because of fears that their pet had fallen into the hands of travellers.

Their breakthrough came when a man telephoned Mr Woodward and said he knew who had picked up the dog, and where it was being kept.

He set up a meeting with Mr Woodward at the BP garage at Farnborough's Kingsmead shopping centre.

His information led police to the house where they found Jet safe and well.

Mrs Woodward said: "The man who answered the door apparently said his son had brought the dog home 10 days earlier." She added that the family was grateful to everyone who had joined in the search for Jet.

Inspector Phil Kedge, of Farnborough police, said on Monday: "We are delighted that we were able to investigate the matter and return the dog to its rightful owner."

The police have completed their inquiries and they are satisfied no further action is necessary.