POLICE are hunting a thief who stole jewellery after conning his way into a pensioner's home at Farnborough.

The man called at the bungalow in Matthews Close and asked the woman occupier if she had any valuables she wanted to sell. Once inside the property, he handed over a trivial amount of money for two vases, but also stole four rings and some gold chains from a jewellery box. It is hoped the distinctive looking vases may help to trap him. They are bulbous shaped with a Chinese-type pattern in yellow, orange and red.

The swarthy looking thief is described as aged 40-50, about 6ft tall with black hair flecked with grey.

Although he was wearing a suit and white shirt, his 72-year-old victim described him as looking scruffy.

Det Sgt Cheryl Croucher, of Aldershot CID, appealed for information from anyone else who may have received a call from the man.

She also warned the public, especially old folk, not to let "door knockers" into their homes. "Just say ‘no' and shut the door," she said. As for selling jewellery and antiques, DS Croucher said this should be done through reputable companies operating from permanent premises. Anyone with information about the Matthews Close thief is asked to contact the officer heading the inquiry, WPC Lisa Graham, on 01256 405275.